Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Yardies

This film investigated the Jamaican trade in crack and cocaine from Kingston to Miami and beyond. Known as Yardies, Jamaican organized crime had its roots in the poor areas of the city but also grew on the back of corrupt politicians from the country's two main political parties. This 1994 film talked to gang leaders, informers and U.S. law enforcement officials, who described the Yardies as the most ruthless and vicious criminal organization in the world.
'An excellent job in analyzing the corrupt, impoverished state of much of Jamaican society....chilling', wrote the Times (22.1.94). 'Excellent' said the Daily Mail (26.1.94). The Guardian described the film as a 'death-defying' and 'scary profile of a new breed of gangsters'.
Reporter: Jon Silverman
Executive Producer: Glynn Jones
Produced and Directed by Phil Rees

The Yardies from Phil Rees on Vimeo.