Sunday, August 19, 2018

Out-of-Print-and-Ill-V.7 - Side A & B Curated by Moman

This mix serves as an audio companion to the research project, “A Guide To DJing Studio One Records At House Parties”.
The research project is the result of many years of collecting records, comparing fidelity and sound quality of pressings, and digging into Jamaican music history to understand the context of the sound production. The project is intended to be a living document, and in it’s current state includes over 180 entries of what I consider to be the best tracks that Studio One has to offer. To explore the project in full, visit
As a companion to the Studio One Guide, this tape includes some of the rarest tracks that are presented in the project - records that haven’t been previously included on a reissue compilation at the time of this writing. The quality of the records varies significantly, and this tape is not meant to be an exercise in hi-fidelity but more of a historical document of some of the greatest unheard music the Studio One label produced.
Every measure was taken to accurately translate these records. The DJ session at Long Road Studios in Oakland, CA was recorded to a high-end Tanberg cassette deck and mastered by Jah Gumby at Father Psalms Studio in Palolo, Hawai’i.